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To teach a child to swallow pills:  Nearly all children over the age of 5 years can be taught to swallow pills, even when they are bitter, like prednisone. 
1.  Have a drink of juice or water and a straw ready
2.  Simply place the pill on the tongue in the mid-line, as far back as possible.
3.  Immediately have the child take a strong suck on the straw to swallow the pill with the liquid.

To prevent eyedrops from missing the eye and running down the cheek:
1.  Lie down or sit with the head extended over the back of a chair.
2.  Face the ceiling directly and pull down the lower lid with a finger below the eye.
3.  Hold the bottle vertically above the eye and squeeze out the drop.
Stinging from some antihistamine eyedrops can be reduced by keeping the eyedrops cold in the refrigerator.


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