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Trees and shrubs in Southern Arizona that produce allergenic pollen

Key to recognition of allergenic plants 

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Arecastrum romanzoffianum Platanus Wrightii
Baccharis sarothroides Populus Fremontii
Carya pecan Prosopis juliflora
Celtis pallida Quercus Emoryi
Cercidium Quercus Gambelii
Cupressus arizonica Quercus turbinella
Fraxinus velutina Quercus virginiana
Juglans major Rhus lancea
Juniperus monosperma Schinus molle
Ligustrum lucidum Tamarix aphylla
Morus alba, rubra Ulmus parvifolia
Olea europaea Washingtonia filifera
Phoenix canariensis Washingtonia robusta

Common names of trees and shrubs             Key to tree and shrub recognition

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