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Message to Allergists about this Website

The mobility of our patient population makes it important for allergists to have some appreciation of botanically unique environments other than their own, a problem that could be reduced by the development of several regionally specific informational sites.   This site was created with Microsoft FrontPage, with the technical assistance of the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center Medical Library.  Photographs of plants have been checked for authenticity by the University of Arizona Herbarium staff.   You, too, could create a similar site that would be useful to patients residing in other regions of North America.  All it takes is time, a digital scanner or digital camera, an interest in your local flora, and collaboration with your University Medical library and botanical resources at your University.  

This type of information will continue to be a resource for patients, because, in spite of the development of new drugs for allergic rhinitis and asthma, none of them, including the new molecular therapies, show any promise in reducing the need for trained allergists with their special understanding of the local environment and their expertise in the selective use of allergen-specific immunotherapy.

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