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Grasses and weeds that produce allergenic pollen in Southern Arizona  

Key to recognition of allergenic plants
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Aristida purpurea
Bouteloua barbata
Bouteloua aristidoides
Bouteloua rothrockii
Cynodon dactylon
Eragrostis Lehmanniana
Eragrostis echinochloidea Stapf
Pennisetum ciliare
Pennisetum setaceum
Sorghum halepense
Herbaceous Plants/ Weeds
Allenrolfea occidentalis
Amaranthus palmeri
Ambrosia ambrosioides
Ambrosia confertiflora
Ambrosia deltoidea
Ambrosia dumosa
Artemisia ludoviciana
Atriplex canescens
Atriplex elegans
Atriplex polycarpa
Chenopodium album
Hymenoclea salsola
Medicago sativa
Salsola kali
Xanthium strumarium

Common names of grasses and weeds     Key to grass and weed identification
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