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Grasses and weeds that produce allergenic pollen in Southern Arizona

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Grasses Herbaceous Plants
Bermuda Grass Bursage, Slimleaf
6-Weeks Grama Grass Bursage, Triangle-leaf
Needle Grama Grass Carelessweed
  Rothrock Grama Grass   Cocklebur
Johnson Grass Iodine Bush
Rye Grass  Lambsquarters
  Purple Threeawn   Ragweed, Canyon
Buffelgrass Ragweed, Desert
Fountain Grass Russian Thistle
Lehman Lovegrass Sagebrush
  Tickgrass   Saltbush, Wheel Scale
Herbaceous Plants*  Saltbush, Desert
Alfalfa Saltbush, Four Wing

* "Weeds"

Latin names of grasses and herbaceous plants/weeds  
Key to grass and herbaceous plant identification

Allergenic trees and shrubs

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