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Plants Known to Produce Allergenic Pollen in Southern Arizona  
Key to recognition of allergenic plants
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Common Name Latin Name Flowering Period (Tucson) Comments
Bermuda Grass Cynodon dactylon June-Sept Commonly used in parks, sport fields, a weed in dirt alleys. Nonflowering hybrids available 
Grama Grass Bouteloua May-Oct Several native species.  A common urban and rural weed
Johnson Grass Sorghum halepense May-Dec Grows in washes
Rye Grass  Lolium March-Oct Allergens common to most other grasses
Buffel Grass Pennisetum ciliare Perennial Common, invasive weedy grass, similar to Fountain Grass
Alfalfa Medicago sativa March-June Cultivated for forage.  Blue-violet flowers
Burrobrush Hymenoclea salsola March-April  Botanically related to the ragweed family
Bursage, Slimleaf Ambrosia confertiflora April-Nov Synonym for Ambrosia confertiflora is  A. tenuifolia   (Slender Ragweed)
Bursage, Triangle-leaf Ambrosia deltoidea Dec-April  A type of  ragweed.  Prolific pollen producer. Also known as Rabbit Bush
Carelessweed  Amaranthus palmeri April-Oct A type of pigweed 
Cocklebur Xanthium strumarium August, Sept Large broad leaves, ovoid burs 1/2-1 in long
Iodine Bush Allenrolfea occidentalis July-Nov Mainly in alkaline salt flats and plains of Sagebrush and Mojavean Deserts, Gila and Little Colorado River drainage.  Pickleweed, chico.  Shrub up to 3 ft high.  May cross react with other Chenopodiaceae
Lambsquarters Chenopodium album May-Oct  Widespread throughout N. America
Ragweed, Canyon Ambrosia ambrosioides July-Oct  Leaves 3-5 in long 
Ragweed, Desert Ambrosia dumosa May-Nov White bursage. Throughout Sonoran Desert.  Shrub 2 ft high, leaves 3/4 in long
Russian Thistle Salsola kali May-Nov Widespread throughout N. America.  Also known as Tumbleweed
Sagebrush  Artemisia ludoviciana August-Nov  This allergenic species and many other species of Artemisia grow in the Southwest
Saltbush, Scale Atriplex spp Oct-April  Wingscale, Wheelscale and several other species of Atriplex found in the region

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